Conformity -  The fashion dilemma among women today. We must indulge our temptations, confront our convictions, embrace current fashion trends yet expose our individualism. We must provoke our sensuality-sexuality and defy this inevitable pull of fashion.

Declare the enviable you.
Kristi (Black Sheep)


leather carry case with each buckle

About baah

baah took its name from the notion that its non-conformist approach, edgy design and the aesthetic originality of its line make it the “black sheep” of the accessory world.  baah pulls together the underdogs of the design world, those not yet heard of, too unsophisticated to be taken seriously or that simply do not have the access to be seen, allowing them to express themselves on the baah product canvas. The unique result is what gives baah the ability to stand bold in their design collections.

The inspiration for baah’s custom line of accessory designs is a collaborative effort, weaving together the raw talent of eclectic artists from diverse cultures and lifestyles.  baah is committed to delivering to the forefront the unaffected imagination and passion of international artisans whose work reflects an undeniable sense of innocence, not yet jaded by big world opinions. These brilliant designers have nothing to fear and hundreds of untapped ideas. The result is an accessory line that truly stands apart from anything else available in the marketplace employing pure interpretations of iconic designs in form, materials and function. 

baah offers a line of buckles that allow the designers to showcase their talents. baah designs bring an edgy sensibility to the contemporary fashionista marrying unpredictability with their individual style.

The world of fashion is ever changing and evolving; accessories evoke emotion and are the center point of great ensembles.  An outfit is simply not complete without them.  baah accessories allow a woman to project the fashion trends of the moment, and yet set themselves apart by outwardly expressing the inner visions of their bold, feminine, edgy and sensuous selves.


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